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I'm sure by now that you're all aware of the MAGA dress that Joy Villa wore to the Grammy's. When she revealed this dress, social media went completely insane! Not surprisingly, supporters of the President cheered her on. Many even went and purchased her 2014 album from Amazon and ITunes. At the same time, the left sent her death threats and called her horrible names.

I find situations like this very amusing. Before the Grammy's, nobody was aware of Joy Villa. After wearing a MAGA dress, everybody is acting like she is the second coming of Jesus.

There is a worrying fusion between entertainment and politics. People get so wrapped up in what celebrities say about politics, that they will boycott movies if the actors have a differing opinion...

I'm fine with people in the spotlight speaking their minds on the major issues. That isn't the problem. The problem arises when fans act as if we should change policy based on what an actor/actress dictates. They act as if their opinion is THAT informed and educated.  Do we really believe that Jay-Z has more than a cursory understanding of the political issues? Of course not. Yet so many people used him as an example of why they supported Hillary Clinton during the election. 

I was watching Bill Burr's new special on Netflix the other day, which was recorded just prior to the election. At the start of the show, he made various jokes about the candidates. During one of the jokes, he clearly took jabs at Trump, asking if he really thought he was going to build the wall. He shunned the idea, and said it wouldn't happen... Three months after, the DHS makes an announcement saying that the wall will be completed in two years. He will look like a total idiot for that joke.

We should not be treating celebrities as if they are geniuses and that every word uttered by them should be worshiped. They are no more informed than any other citizen, and they should be treated as such.

For the past couple of days I've been sitting back watching the cry babies on the left burn things, break into banks, throw rocks at cops, and scream "NAZI!!!!" at every single person that has even the slightest hint of conservative blood flowing through their veins, and I've been thinking... Is this the end of the left? 

You may think I'm crazy for saying this, but I believe it is. Let's step back for a moment. November 8th, 2016. Donald Trump wins the Presidential election. This comes right after President Obama had won two consecutive elections and remained popular even with a completely  disastrous tenure. Now, in 2016, they run their most powerful politician. AND THEY GAVE HER THE BEST POSSIBLE CHANCE ANY PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE HAS EVER HAD! Two of the most popular Presidents in modern history were campaigning for her, The mainstream media was in full Hillary Clinton swing, spinning everything out of control to make her look good, and she STILL couldn't win.

Now, let's take a look at her opponent, Donald J. Trump. He was going up against 15 of the best politicians the GOP had to offer, the media was lying about him every waking second from day one, no former Presidents seemed to want to endorse him, he said some of the WORST things that a Presidential candidate could say, but he ended up defying all odds and winning. 

I know the common reason people give is that he spoke to the average blue collar worker and motivate them to come out and vote, and I do think that had some impact. But I believe the left did just as much to push Trump into the White House as he did. The democratic party allowed itself to be taken over by the radical feminist, SJW, BLM, violent cry baby groups, that went out and bitched and moaned every time they didn't get their way. They did NOTHING to prevent this takeover. It's like a virus. If you do nothing to prevent it from spreading, it will spread, and that it has done. Moderate democrats as well as those in the middle, looked at this and said "there's no way I'm voting for that side!" and voted for Trump, despite the "mean" and "racist" things the media pretended he said.

If the democrat party doesn't make some massive changes in the next 3-4 years, they will lose the 2020 election as well. They need to flush these idiots out, and show the American people that they are actually a credible party. 

When George Washington became President in April of 1789, there were no political parties. President Washington was "independent" as some might say. Sure, he often sided with the Federalist Party, but he never officially joined. Around the same time that Alexander Hamilton established the Federalist Party around 1792, there was an opposition party in the works. This was the Anti-Federalist party, created by Thomas Jefferson. These two parties had vastly different ideologies, with very different concepts on how government should function. 

Washington grew very weary of the two parties, and started to resent the idea. He had seen what parties had done in the past, and he feared that they would grow to seek power for their own benefit, and not for the benefit of the American people. At the end of his second term, Washington argued that political parties needed to be kept in check, and that the American people needed to be the ones deciding how things should operate through elections. He knew that there was a high probability that parties would cause distractions in government, which would cause harm to the country.

Jump forward 225 years, and what do we see? Republicans and Democrats fighting to hold the party line. Doing what's best for THEIR party and not for THEIR people. So many issues that could be solved easily if we worked together, are delayed due to partisanship. This has caused a massive problem in this country, and the people have become immune to it. We don't care anymore. This is a problem that is becoming more and more severe every day. The social pressure to not agree with the other side is SO STRONG, that people on both sides take radical, unrealistic positions to avoid it.

Imagine for a moment, a country with no political parties. A country that approached problems objectively, and bias free. Where do you think we would be? Do you think we would be fighting over healthcare? Taxes? Space Travel? No. We would not. There are solutions to all of these issues, but the people in Washington refuse to work together. And the ones that do? Well, they may as well kiss their careers goodbye. You are shunned from your party. Campaign funding is pulled and endorsements are lost. We treat people who want to work together like lepers.

In school or on your sports team, you are always taught the importance of teamwork. Working together to accomplish a common goal in which everybody wins. Not just you or the people who agree with you 100% of the time, but everybody.

I'm asking the people of this country to wake up and realize that we have a problem. Look into your government officials and see what they are doing to better your life. If you see partisanship with no progress, then vote them out. The time for change is now. 

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I've been noticing a trend since President Trump took office last month. It's something I really didn't expect to see. I honestly thought we could do better...

Last week, Uber CEO Travis Kalanick left President Trump's advisory board over harassment from the radical left, threatening to stop using Uber if he remained on. Now, the CEO of Under Armor, Kevin Plank, has pulled back support for the President, after being treated horribly by celebrities like "The Rock" and Steph Curry. 

When you see outrage against somebody at the level you have seen against these two individuals, you probably assume they have done something terrible, right? Well, let's look at what they did. Kalanick took a position to serve on President Trump's economic advisory board. According to the left, if you serve on that you must agree with everything Trump does. He decided to step down. Plank, during an interview, said that having a pro business President such as Donald Trump would be a positive for the country. Apparently that makes him the worst human to walk the earth, so he had to step down.

I don't really blame the left for this. They are uneducated. That won't change. We should expect this outage from them. I am disappointed with the CEOs, however. They came out and expressed their opinions, which they have the right to do. They had a fantastic opportunity to attempt to unite the country behind the President, but instead they decided to be total wimps, and collapse under pressure. 

This is a BIG part of the problem. The more we fold under pressure to the whining and moaning from the emotional idiots on the left, the more they will think that being like this works. You have to treat democrats like little kids. If they whine and cry, you have to tell them they can't have it, and stick to your word. If you allow them to have it when they whine, then they will keep doing it, thinking it works. It's a basic principle of parenting. Unfortunately, we have to treat liberals like this too.

Elon Musk was also attacked for being on President Trump's advisory board. Did he back down? No, because he's an alpha. He stated that serving on the board would serve the greater good. That's how these other babies should react. Just suck it up and keep going. Any logical person knows that your opinions didn't change just because you "made a statement" saying you disagree with Trump. Take the opportunity to make change for the better. Help unite the country, don't fall for the division tactics of the left. It's time to toughen up.